Summer Hair Kick-Off

We have passed Memorial Day Weekend, the official kick-off of summer and and now its time to change up from our winter regimen to our summer hair regimen. Let us all cross our fingers that the hair gods bless all those up-dos and protective styles of the winter to release some of our best and most awesome fros!


The summer is our time to let our hair down or technically up and out and we can only do that by upgrading and sometimes simplifying some of our hair routines.  Here are a few tips for health hair during the summer months


Once or twice a month clarify with apple cider vinegar. ACV will remove excess product build-up from gels and creams for out twist-outs, bantu knots, and rod sets, products that over time weigh down our curls instead of giving them life. ACV cleanses the scalp but also helps to lay down our cuticles for a healthier shine and less breakage.

Mix ACV with water either in small bowl or spray bottle and after washing hair pour/spray over whole head and rinse out. Don’t worry about the smell, as your hair dries the smell evaporates.

Co- wash

The summer heat usually forces us to want to wash our hair more often between sweat and product build-up. A co-wash is the”conditioner-only” method. This process will lightly cleanse and refresh your hair without stripping your hair of its natural oils like shampoos. Alternate between co-washing and clarifying, products build up quickly.


I don’t know how many times I have read on more than a few of the best natural hair bloggers sites that in order to grow strong and long healthy hair you must clip those ends, yet still I resisted. I have now seen the true evidence why trimming is part of the natural girls holy grail regimen. My daughter, Aminah, trims her hair regularly and  you will see her progression through post  and pics on this blog. She cut her hair in a pixie about 18 mos ago and her hair has flourished (see pic in header). I suffered most of the winter with some heavy breakage and yet still resisted trims. Last week I finally gave in and decided to get it trim for the summer. Not only is it shaped nicely but my ends curl up sweeter than a curly haired baby. I am a believer. My advice, actually above all else right now is if you TRULY want great summer hair, get those ends trimmed!

It may not look it but these ends are trimmed. I have hair envy looking at her. Gorgeous


I keep a spray bottle with water, glycerin and jojoba oil in my bag during the summer months. Living in Providence like the rest of New England its humid here in the summer. Frizz and fros that shrink after an hour outside is the norm. So while there is moisture in the air the hair can still fry from exposure to the sun beating down on our heads. I add a freshening moisturizer in the middle of the day especially on my ends!

Cheat trick I use sometimes is Carefree Curl Moisturizer mixed with water. Don’t judge its great and I can feel the softening of my cuticles

Leave the Heat

Ditch the heat in the summer. Most of us went natural to discover our original texture, curls or not and heat just defeats the purpose. Even under the best care conditions heat damages. Keep heat use to a low minimum. Let your natural thrive in the summer.

Final Tips:

  1. Pre-poo (especially before swimming)
  2. Use a leave-in
  3. clarify (especially after swimming or wear a swim cap)
  4. moisturize (hot sauce and a spray bottle in that bag)
  5. spritz and seal
  6. Air Dry

Summer is almost here. Prep those fros!




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