Hair Steaming

My daughter bought the Q-Redew handheld hair steamer about a year ago, I just took it out the box three weeks ago. We are product junkies in this house and sometimes we do not get to all the products we buy right away but a whole year is a bit ridiculous even for us.


This winter I wore my hair out a lot, more than what my favorite natural hair bloggers and youtube vloggers suggest for winter months but I can only take so much of protective styles. My hair definitely needed the extra moisture boost and although my L.O.C. method helped I still felt my hair was not moisturized enough. After reading a few articles on the benefits of hair steaming I broke out the unused Q-Redew in hopes it would do as my favorite hair bloggers suggested and bring pump up the moisture retention in my hair.

The first time I didn’t really notice much of a difference and I attributed the smoothness of my hair to the the products I used after. But one of the benefits of steaming hair is the steam lifts the cuticle of the hair to allow better penetration of moisturizing products. My hair felt better but it was not until the second and third steaming that I really noticed the difference in my hair specifically my ends. My ends are usually dry and every day I spritz the ends and put a moisturizing sealant on them but by end of day my ends still would feel dry.  After my third steaming my hair appears to be holding in  moisture much better. I definitely feel the difference because my ends feel much smoother, seriously, much smoother. I think I can attribute that to smoother cuticles and moisture. I am in love!

Benefits of Hair Steaming

Steaming lifts the hair cuticles to allow for better penetration of hair products. If you do the L.O.C. method steaming will definitely improve the absorption of the products and oils you use by reducing the breakage of hair. My hair would usually tangle at the ends because the ends were dry but now they are fully hydrated and I don’t have to keep spraying them throughout the day.

Steaming has improved elasticity and I have less shrinkage. For me I want my hair to stretch as much as possible without breaking to give me the heightened fro I love. Steaming allows the hair to stretch without breakage.
Enhances curl definition. Isn’t this what most of us strive for? The extra moisture helps to reshape and give your curl pattern an extra boost.
Cleans the Scalp. The steam helps to remove product buildup from scalp and opens up pores.
Hair Growth. Clean and healthy scalp lead to hair growth. Steaming increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps to circulate our natural oils.

Of course a good hot shower will provide great steam to your hair!

Have you tried steaming and noticed a difference in your hair?

Comment and share suggestions!

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