De-Stressing -Detox Bath

Detox Bath

Good or bad most of us lead hectic lives -between jobs, family, relationships everything requires our attention and work. Self-care is a great concept but advice we often have to force ourselves to take. This weekend I challenge you and myself to take a few hours just to slowly breathe and  pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments this week and recharge. A great way to do that is with a detox bath.

Why a Detox Bath?

A detox bath is something simple you can do at home to relax and contribute to your overall health. An easy healing therapy that facilitates our body’s natural detoxification system. It is recommended to do one at least twice a week. I wish I could but I try to do one at least once a month.

epsom-salt-e1377029973453My Basics
Baking soda-neutralizes chemicals like chlorine in this Rhode Island water.
Epsom salt-draws out toxins, is a stress reliever, improves sleep and concentration.

Pink Salt. I am currently a bit obsessed with the Pink Salt, I just discovered it about a year ago and use it in my food, my coffee facial scrubs, and now my bath.- The replenishing nutrients in Himalayan Pink Salt helps to stimulate circulation and soothe sore muscles. Naturally rich in nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals, bathing with pink bath salt is a healing and therapeutic experience for mind and body.

300Essential Oils
Peppermint– Peppermint is a natural energy booster. I keep some on my desk and take a whiff of it when I feel my concentration levels dipping. I add a few drops in my bath to give me a pleasant lift

Lemon– Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and removing negative emotions. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness.
Other oils I may switch up and use are lavender, rosemary, and tea tree oil.

1. Run hot water into the tub. You want it to be good and hot to make your body sweat. In the winter I may crank up the heat a bit and close the bathroom door to get a sauna effect.
2. Add about a cup of baking soda. Remember it helps to clarify harsh water from the tap
3. Pour in one cup of Epsom salt and one cup of himalayan or sea salt. You can just pour 2 cups of Epsom salt but I’ve been mixing it up lately and so far I love this combination
4. Drop about five to six drops of your essential oil (I’m using peppermint at this time) into the water.
5. Slide in and immerse as much of yourself into the water as possible and sit for 20minutes. This is a soak NOT a bath so do not use any soap just let your body release toxins.
6. After 20mins or so ease out of the tub. You will feel lightheaded and somewhat drained so be careful.
7.Your pores are wide open so use a natural moisturizer like avocado oil or coconut oil no perfume lotions.
8. You’ll want to make sure you clean the tub throughly because of the toxin waste left behind.
9. Retreat to a personal space and continue to let your body relax.



After a hectic week your body, mind, and soul will thank you for the moments of calm.


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