ACV Toner

71s1bwsudgl-_sl1500_After I cleanse my face using the Oil Cleansing Method I use a toner spritz of Apple Cider Vinegar and green tea.

ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it’s main function is to balance skin’s pH. Adding green tea to ACV plus essential oils, you can create an amazingly healthy toner for your face!

Water 2oz. ( I used to use tap water but I switched to bottled water or at least boiled or distilled water. Rhode Island tap is harsh)
3 Green Tea teabags (I use the caffeinated tea because caffeine is good for the skin so a double win)
10 drops Jojoba Oil (a wonderful moisturizer that closely resembles the sebum in your skin’s structure)

Boil water, add tea bags, and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Allow tea mixture to cool, and pour into a spray bottle. Add ACV, Tea, Jojoba Oil, and mix well.

Mix all ingredients well, and pour in a spray bottle. Spritz on face. Don’t worry about the smell. If you do this at night it takes less than a half hour for the smell to fade. I like to use it in the morning so I make sure it is the first thing I do to give it that time to evaporate. You can use this same mixture as a rinse after you shampoo.

To moisturize my face I use a variety of oils from coconut to avocado. Right now I am using grape seed oil. Grape Seed Oils is my go to in the summer months as it treats my eczema and a bit lighter moisturizer in the warmer months.

*Occasionally I will add Tea Tree oil to the mix as it is an excellent anti-fungal oil.

**I keep mine in the refrigerator and only make enough for five days.

Apple Cider Vinegar is not just for salads so if you have some at home and have been looking for a good toner give it a try.


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