Are You A Curl Chaser?

To the the extent that you are ruining your natural hair journey?


I have been chasing the curl since 2011 when I started my transition back to natural. I remember looking at countless photos on numerous natural hair blogs and dreaming of the day when I would have this big curly afro that defied gravity and reached for the sky.

Moptop Maven was my first hair inspiration. I just knew with the right products and if I followed her detailed instruction I would be able to make my hair look exactly like hers and so many others.



It seems simple enough but for the life of me I cannot get the defined definition curl that my fellow sisters do. I just figured I really suck at doing my own hair, which I do but I am not alone.

So at what point do you stop trying to bend your hair to will it to the curly afro you see on Instagram and accept the hair and fro you have?


I think after six years I have given up. I want to throw all my perm rods and tutorials in the trash and just let my hair just do its semi-culy, somewhat wavy, and cottony thing. Kudos to all the ladies who can create these gorgeous styles like my daughter but I simply give up, I just end up with a frizzy mess!

curly fro

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