Salon Diversity, Are You Here For It?


Black Hair Economics

Although I find it insane that schools do not teach their students how to do all types of hair I do wonder if they did how that will impact the black hair stylist in the black communities. Would we then run out to the high end streets to get our hair done and leave behind many of the black owned salons? Is it a message to our stylist to really step up their game? We all joke (complain) about an all day appointment, or a stylist showing up an hour late as we wait, or a salon where bootleg tapes and clothes are sold and kids running in the background. But a lot of us have outgrown this, we are busy women and many of us do no have time for the old nonsense. I have seen a lot of black owned salons in the Boston and Providence upgrade to create spacious and sophisticated space that rival the salons where they can’t/won’t accommodate our texture.

We spend billions of dollars on hair yet we see 1% of that in our community. We need to support our businesses to give our communities political and economical clout. So, yes I believe in diversity but we also need to keep income in our communities, black salons do that. What we can do is create high end salons by us that cater to us because hair is important to us and even in the worse of times we maintain our hair. But what we can’t do is let a diversified hair business take more money from us without giving any back.

What is your take on diversifying the hair business, does it help or hurt the black community?


Freddie Harrell is one of my fave style icons. If you don’t know her, heres her link she is awesome!


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