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Sunday is my hair day, the day I try to devote to washing, deep conditioning and every six weeks or so dyeing. I bought some dye a few days before, jet black, and was all set to take a few hours to get rid of my gray hairs that pop up around my edges. Then I changed my mind and decided to use the henna and indigo instead. I have bounced between the two forms of coloring for years and now I think after using dyes for the last six months its time to go back to the henna and indigo.

I have a love hate relationship with dye and henna. I hate dye because even if it does not have peroxide or ammonia in the ingredients there are still other harsh elements. I have to dye my hair at least every six weeks (gray hair is resilient!) and I don’t want to constantly keep putting harsh chemicals in my hair and on my scalp. Dying causes my hair to be drier and lead to more breakage. I can see the damage it does if I’m not consistent with protein, oil, and steaming treatments. There are no real benefits to commercial dyes for me other than some great colors and it does not take up a whole day.

Applying henna is an all-day process especially if you are following it up with indigo which I always do. I do not like the red/orange color henna turns my gray. I use body art henna that has no chemicals in it. If your box says black henna or any color henna it is not pure henna. Indigo is a powder like henna but turns a black/greenish color and where natural henna turns your hair the reddish orange color indigo blackens the hair for a rich black tone. You cannot use the indigo without first applying henna. I will usually put henna in my hair and keep it in for four hours, rinse out, and add the indigo for three to four hours. So the whole process is time consuming. I love henna because it is natural and has many healthy hair benefits like:

• Help stop/curb breakage
• Makes hair stronger (similar to a protein treatment)
• Thickens strands
• Temporarily loosens curl patterns for some but can enhances curl patterns in others. (I think it loosens my curl patterns)
• Reduces dandruff
• Adds sheen

You do have to be very careful ordering henna and indigo because not all of them are pure. Indigo can be hard to find and I bought some from my local Indian store and I know indigo should like like the pic below and mine just look like regular henna.  Order your indigo from Mehandi

I’ve been using Henna for ten plus years and honestly my favorite brand is Jamila and it can be found at your local Indian store or Amazon.henna

If you are tired of hair dyes and want to change it up I do recommend taking a Sunday, its about to be cold anyway so staying indoors is a bit easier, and try henna and indigo.

Check out this site on the benefits of using henna for healthy hair.


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