Mixx Beauty Supply is a modern upscale boutique in Providence, Rhode Island where women of color can buy natural hair brands, makeup and skincare products. Mixx is owned by mother and daughter, Shahidah Ali and Aminah Fonseca.

At Mixx the goal is to not only provide Providence with a store dedicated to natural hair but a place where women of color are celebrated and valued. Mixx offers a friendly sisterhood that embraces all women and their hair struggles.

Black women spend over seven billion dollars in hair and beauty products every year yet the percentage of black owned beauty supply stores is miniscule. Shahidah and Aminah recognized the need for a beauty supply boutique in the Providence area that caters to women who  often feel like a footnote in other stores. At Mixx you are celebrated and there is no small ethnic section.

There is a strong emphasis on community involvement at Mixx. Mother and daughter choose to use their space to help elevate other women in their quest for entrepreneurship, working with Providence schools to showcase students artworks, and organizing events that focus on uplifting and educating people in the community. A strong business is only as strong as the community it is a part of and Shahidah and Aminah are striving to be a strong part of Providence and a strong business in New England.

We hope you are able to visit but if not please enjoy our blog and discussions!

Shahidah  & Aminah