Relax. Renew. Restore. Recharge.

Relax in a hibiscus sea salt bath. Scrub your worries away with coconut lavender sugar scrub. Rub your skin and scalp down with shea butter & sunflower oil pomade/balm. Treat yo man to some lemongrass beard balm. Then go conquer!    


If you wake up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning and love the smell and how that caffeine gives you that boost for the day you might love a coffee scrub. Why Coffee? Coffee is rich with antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory agent. Coffee combined with salt and/or brown sugar is a great …

ACV Toner

ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it’s main function is to balance skin’s pH. Adding green tea to ACV plus essential oils, you can create an amazingly healthy toner for your face!